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JET Functional Fitness - Oshkosh, WI
Training Philosophy:

First and foremost it is important to understand the concept of functional fitness.  Functional fitness is about linking fitness to real-life functions.  These types of workouts are designed to reflect movements found in daily life and then train the muscles in a similar manner.  The goal of each exercise is to burn maximum calories while preparing the body so it can perform necessary daily activities efficiently and without pain or discomfort.  If we train our muscles the way we are going to actually use them, we ultimately optimize not only our ability to function in daily life, but also maximize our overall strength and fitness level!

At JET we understand that our bodies were built to be used as one unit, not individual pieces.  Whether we’re picking up a bag of groceries, competing in athletics, throwing a bale of hay or simply getting out of bed, we are using numerous muscle groups all at once.  Therefore, when we train at JET, many of the movements engage most of your muscles in a single exercise.

We realize that many of us were taught differently growing up and may be accustom to different techniques.  Reality is it does not do anyone any good to be able to move a ton of weight on a specific machine, have big biceps or large lats if they struggle walking up or down a flight of stairs.  By no means does functional training mean you have to sacrifice the typical appearance and health benefits people strive for with an exercise routine.  When functionally training correctly, all benefits will come along more quickly and efficiently.  So whether you’re a professional athlete trying to improve your game, a parent trying to lose some weight or a grandparent trying to become more mobile, training at JET Functional Fitness, LLC will help you become the fittest person you can be!