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JET Functional Fitness - Oshkosh, WI
Power Plate Training:
What is the Power Plate?      
       Power Plate technology is the training of the future.  Research has proven time and again that there is no other product that can give you the accelerated benefits the Power Plate does.  Here at JET Functional Fitness, LLC we are proud to say we are one of the only facilities in the entire state of Wisconsin able to offer this technology to our clients!  Due to the accelerated benefits, Power Plate training is also referred to as acceleration training.  There's a reason why doctors, chiropractors, professional athletes, movie stars, and training professionals are recommending & using these!  If you want optimal benefits in a time efficient way, feel free to contact one of our personal trainers and schedule a Power Plate introductory session.  We guarantee you'll be amazed with an unmatched experience!
What exactly does the Power Plate do & what are the benefits?
        The vibrating platform of the plate gently moves at 25-50 times per second, inviting reflexive muscles to join into the exercise. This approach causes the body to recruit more muscle fiber into any movement, thus greatly increasing the speed of improvement. (Results!)  The real breakthrough comes through the relationship between mass and acceleration as it relates to force.  In strength training - strength is increased by adding lifting resistance (mass x weight).  To continually increase strength, the weight must be gradually increased.  However, the entire formula to improving strength (force) also involves acceleration.  The problem with increasing acceleration is that you physically cannot produce much force.  The concept is grasped when you consider throwing a tennis ball versus a bowling ball.  The heavier the object, the more difficult it is to move. This was solved with the Power Plate’s innovative vibrating platform – which actually creates acceleration. This acceleration increases the effect on the body and literally creates two to six times the force of gravity through the muscles and skeletal bones without any additional mass.
Strength and Wellness Benefits:
Medical Benefits:
Sports Performance Benefits: